Saint Valérie

Valerie of Limoges (in latin Valeria ) was a catholic cephalophorous saint, a young woman who lived in Augustoritum  -the former name of Limoges- in the 3rd century. Converted to christianity by St Martial she is venerated as a saint woman in the diocese of Limoges, more particularly in Limoges and Chambon-sur-Voueize. She is honored on the 9th of December


Guild of St Valerie

The purpose of the Guild of St Valerie is the veneration of St Valerie’s relics.

A religious assiociation,  linked with the Catholic church, its purpose is to keep alive the veneration to and the memory of St Valerie as well as the presentation of her relics for which several gatherings are organised all along the year.

It has in view to develop the knowledge of St Valerie and to forge links between all those that venerate her.

It is related to Limoges Cathedral.

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(the statue is in the vestry of St Mary’s church, Limoges.)

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