A Chronology of the History of the cathedral of St Stephen,Limoges.


Ca. 425


Paleochristian baptistery

Ca. 1200

The baptistery was levelled down and replaced by a church –St Jean en St Étienne (St John within St Stephen) a parish where all the christenings in the City were celebrated during Eastertide until the destruction of the church during the French Revolution.


The romanesque cathedral -of which the crypt and the tower lower storeys are still extant - is consecrated by Pope Urban II.

11th century

Construction of the crypt and the first three storeys of the porch tower .


It was Bishop Aymeric de la Serre’s decision to have the cathedral rebuilt. This was possibly the work of architect Jean Deschamps, starting with the apse and the choir in the eastern part of the romanesque cathedral. The choir and the ancient romanesque nave were joined together then.


Mid 14th century-1347

.Bishop Gui de Combron undertook the construction of the south semitransept.


Beginning of the construction of the north semitransept and of the chapel of St Martial. Reinforcement of the tower.

1458 - 1499

After the Hundred Years’ War, construction of the first two bays of the nave.

1516 - 1530

.Bishop Jean de Langeac decided to start building the portal of St John, outside the north semitransept, in flamboyant Gothic style.


.Construction of the roodscreen.


.Death of Jean de Langeac. Work stops.

1876 - 1888

.Construction of the first two bays of the nave which is then connected to the porch-tower and the narthex. The roodscreen is moved to the west end of the cathedral to support  the organ loft.

Completion of the three upper storeys of the bell-tower.